Prize Fund 2014

The Brunswick Euro Challenge 2014 is a Platinum stop in the European Bowling Tour with a total prize money of € 111.111

Total€ 111.111
Position 1€ 11.111
Position 2€ 9.000
Position 3€ 7.000
Position 4 - 8€ 3.000
Position 9 - 28€ 1.500
Position 29 - 64€ 1.000
Women Extra 1€ 1.400
Women Extra 2€ 900
Women Extra 3€ 700

Payout for women Extra will be done according to their positions in the qualification standing, not including desperado results.

As a consequence of the German tax regulations, there will be a tax on prize money for non-German participants.The tax is 15,825% and will be deducted from the prizes by the organizer. Anyhow, the tax can be refunded at the end of the year under certain circumstances.

All participants will be obliged to fill in a form provided by the organizer to meet the needs of the tax authorities.